Dating is Hell

…and I've already heard Satan's pick up line

Tossing Out a Neg

I love Big Bang Theory.  I thoroughly enjoyed Wolowitz’ attempts to date/hook up with girls.  Being a devotee of the show, I recognize a Wolowtiz dating tactic when I see one. In one episode, Wolowitz has a theory on dating that he calls “tossing out a neg”. Here is a clip for reference (ignore the Spanish subtitles and get past his explanation of the eyepatch:

So now that I have prepared you, here is a message that I received:


It didn’t work for Wolowitz, so it ain’t gonna work for you, pal!  I’m sure The Big Bang Theory was not the first show to display this “neg” tactic.  But were there any shows where they actually showed this as working?  Do guys actually sit around and come up with tactics like these?  And has anybody actually used this tactic in real life successfully?  Maybe it works on really hot girls who only ever hear compliments.  Well, guess what guy?  You’re not the first to point out my big chin and you won’t be the last.  So all I see here is an insult.  And that does not turn me on.  It’s like boys being mean to girls they like in elementary school.  Or saying inappropriate stuff like “what’s your ass up to” or calling them names like “turd burglar”. Is it just me?  Am I too sensitive?  I guess I am contradicting myself here since I don’t like being called nice pet names or rude names either…  Nah.  I have a name, boys.  Learn it.  Use it.


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2 thoughts on “Tossing Out a Neg

  1. There is that episode of How I Met Your Mother with “The Naked Man” pickup. And I believe it worked once there. Let me know what someone tries that on you!


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