Dating is Hell

…and I've already heard Satan's pick up line

The Run In

I had made a new girlfriend at an existing friend’s party. We hit it off right away and she invited me to a get together a little while later. Even though she was going to be the only person I knew there, I accepted right away. When I arrived, there were about a dozen people milling about in the living room. My friend introduced me to everyone present. We were standing in somewhat of a circle. After the introductions, I addressed the room at large with a “nice to meet you”. One of the guys in the circle immediately says “We’ve already met.” I look over at him, total blank. I’m fairly certain I’ve never met this guy before. “We have?” I ask him. He says “well, sort of. We chatted on OkCupid for a little bit.” Still not ringing any bells. Everybody is just watching this interchange. “Oh? Um… and how did that turn out?” I jokingly ask. “Not well. You just stopped talking to me.” Everyone’s looking back and forth between us like they are watching a tennis match. <Nervous laugh> “Well, sorry about that. I get really busy with work and sometimes just forget to message people back.” In all seriousness, in front of all these people I just met, he says “That’s ok. You can make it up to me.” Lengthy pause. Everyone is looking at me for my response. All I can think to say is exactly what I’m thinking: “Well this is awkward.” At this time I finally remember who he is and remember that I stopped messaging him because he was just soooooo boring. Yeah, I’m not making anything up to this guy.

Throughout the night, he did not leave my side. In fact, at one point I was sitting on the couch and he sat on the floor next to it and leaned against my leg. Now, I’m not a touchy-feely person, even with people I know and love. For a relative stranger to touch me without permission is pretty much the biggest no-no. I try to move away from him as much as possible without making it seem obvious. But he just won’t let it go. He asks if I’ve seen a movie that just came out. I tell him no and he says “Maybe I can take you sometime.” I just can’t flat out say no, other people can hear our conversation! Besides, I have a hard time just saying no, I’m not interested. So I mention that I recently bought a house and just don’t have any spare money for going out. “Oh, I can pay for you!” He gleefully replies. Ugh. “Um… we’ll see.”

By the time I get home from the party and check my phone, he’s already friend requested me on Facebook. Not wanting to be mean, I accepted. I report to my friend that he friend requested me DURING the party. Apparently trying to up his romantic chances, she tells me he’s also friend requested another girl from the party at the same time. I feel so special.

A week later, he asks me to dinner. Seeing as we are finally not in a public setting, I tell him that I’m just not interested in him that way. He doesn’t reply, but he does unfriend me right away…


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