Dating is Hell

…and I've already heard Satan's pick up line

Sex and the City

Sometimes my life resembles an episode of Sex and the City.  Because of all the fancy clothes?  The brunches? The Cosmopolitans?  The shoes? The sex?  Nope. The awkward dates.  Here’s my story.

I met a guy on OKC.  He was super cute and really nice.  We made plans to meet up for Happy Hour one afternoon.  We had agreed on 5pm but at around 3:30 that afternoon he texted me to say that he was getting out of work early and wanted to know if I could make it there by 4:30 instead.  I told him that I couldn’t be there before 4:45.  He says ok and I finish up getting ready.  I finished getting ready early so I texted him and told him I could make it at 4:30 after all.  He didn’t get that text so he ended up staying at work longer.  So needless to say, I got there before him.  I saved us a table and waited.  He didn’t get there until after 5!  For a while there, I thought I had been stood up but he did text me that he was on his way.  Now, I don’t know how the rest of the world greets their online dates but I never seen to know what to do.  Do you hug?  Do you shake hands?  Do you just nod? Well, I’m not a touchy feely person and I don’t like being hugged by strangers, so I usually try to do nothing but say hello.  So when he finally got there (after I’d been sitting by myself for half an hour feeling like a loser), I did not get up to greet him.  I just said hello and made a quip about him being late.  As it turns out, we had a great time and spent about two hours on that terrace, talking.  Now here’s where it gets really awkward.  As we get ready to leave, we both stand up and this happens:


I was a good 5 inches taller than him!  I know he wasn’t expecting it either because I noticed his quick glance to my feet to check for heels.  There were no heels. I was wearing flats.  Again with the awkwardness, this time with a goodbye hug, which made it that much more obvious that I was taller than him.

I didn’t think I’d hear back from him, but I did!  I wrestled with the height issue for a little bit, but quickly got over it. We continued to chat and even went on two more dates.  But after a few more texts after the third date, he stopped messaging me.  Which is a shame because for a hot body like his, I’d have gladly traded in all my heels!  Sigh.


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